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Best Software Testing Course in Nalasopara

  1. Get training from industry experts.
  2. Suitable even for individuals with minimal to no work experience.
  3. Acquire knowledge from fundamental principles to advanced concepts.
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Did you always want to become a Software Test Engineer?

  • Are you new to programming and lack experience?
  • Do you aspire to enter the field of software testing but feel uncertain due to limited knowledge?
  • Are you considering a career change but feeling overwhelmed by the options?
  • Are you unsure whether self-studying can lead to obtaining the ISTQB software testing certificate?
  • Perhaps you’ve dabbled in coding, designing, editing, and writing, and now you’re feeling fatigued.

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Here's what we do at our classes in Nalasopara

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Software Testing Classes In Nalasopara

In Nalasopara, EduArt provides software testing certification to unlock your potential. To achieve the best results and get the maximum exposure from software testing courses we cover in depth content while keeping on a time concise manner. The classes are scheduled on a weekly basis while keeping in mind your budget and your end goal. This is the best course for freshers, graduates, and people new to coding as well. Here you will be trained by experienced professionals who have industry leading expertise from Mumbai, India.

The EduArt certification program has opened many possibilities for the students from getting their dream jobs, getting promoted to senior management in the organization and more. With them we have designed courses to ensure clarity of concepts and better insights. With our project based learning, we give the candidates hands-on training.

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Why choose EduArt?

Our Software testing course in Nalasopara is designed for freshers who have just started their career, experienced professionals we provide courses that offer promotions and/or increments. This will in turn build your confidence, knowledge as well as portfolio on, Selenium, API Testing, Database Testing, and more. With our free demo lectures, we provide an insight of what you will learn in software testing certification. We provide enriching courses that will help you change your career, find a job or start your software testing services.

Furthermore, the course is built in job strategy, where you would be ready for a job. With this approach, we built:

1. Professional Assignment
2. Real Time case study
3. All time support to the questions
4. Mock Interview guidance
5. Articles to understand the concepts

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Here’s How EduArt Offers You A Solution

We have designed this software testing training course to learn software testing fundamentals and introduce you to advanced software testing techniques. Even for those with low to zero work experience. This course is designed and taught by working testing professionals having experience.

Our Software testing course in Nalasopara revolves around building professional knowledge in simple language. We provide a practical step by step guide to become a professional software tester. This also solves the issue of preventing defects and security details that have to be taken into account.

One more thing, no matter which course you enroll to, make sure to ask questions to the instructors. We encourage students to keep a separate question book and get them answered from the respective professor. Here’s our take on this, always apply what you have learnt otherwise you won't be able to remember anything.

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Our Software testing course in Nalasopara is designed for freshers who have just started their career, experienced professionals as well. With our students all over the world, we provide enriching courses that will help you change your career, find a job or start your software testing service of your own.


Testing + SQL + API + Performance + Tools


48 lectures ( 72 Hours)

Starts at Rs. 19,999/- only

Test Master + Selenium + Java + Test NG

72 lectures ( 120 Hours)

Starts at Rs. 32,999/- only

Learn Automation Basics

12 lectures ( 36 Hours)

Starts at Rs. 14,999/- only

What our students tell about the software testing At Nalasopara

There are hundreds of software testing training success stories that we are proud of
Each student leaves satisfied.

Outstanding Training Provider for Software Testing Residing in Australia, Canberra, and visiting Mumbai, India, to spend time with family, I embarked on an endeavor to pursue a software testing ISTQB foundation certification course. Upon my arrival in Mumbai, I commenced my search for a suitable institute. After reaching out to various institutions and conducting online research, I had the privilege of conversing with Younus Sir. Younus Sir went above and beyond to elucidate the course's advantages and tailored the curriculum to meet my expectations. Here's why I rate this institute highly: Clear Comprehension: The foremost reason for my commendation lies in the exceptional expertise of Younus Sir. His profound experience in the field, coupled with his adept training style, enabled him to expound upon intricate software testing concepts with tangible real-life examples. This methodology greatly facilitated the assimilation of fundamental principles. Intimate Class Setting: Unlike institutions driven solely by monetary gains, this institute adopts a distinctive approach by prioritizing small class sizes. This practice ensures personalized attention to each student, thereby enhancing the overall quality of the course. Digestible Segments: The course content is adeptly partitioned into manageable sections, and particular emphasis is placed on elucidating each concept comprehensively during individual sessions. This approach provides ample opportunities for students to delve into intricate details and seek clarifications—resulting in a highly interactive learning experience. In conclusion, I successfully completed the course within my stipulated timeframe and acquired a profound understanding of the curriculum. I wholeheartedly recommend EDU Art Software Testing Institute to individuals seeking genuine knowledge in the realm of software testing. While this institute may not boast extravagance, its commitment to fostering genuine learning and career growth within the software testing industry is truly commendable. Best of luck to all aspirants.
Danish Bukhari
Software Testing Analyst, Canberra, Australia
Younus Sir's teaching approach is both captivating and comprehensible. The teaching structure is designed for swift comprehension, allowing for rapid understanding of each topic and acquiring in-depth knowledge. Thanks to this institute and Younus Sir, my confidence in software testing has grown significantly. I extend my gratitude to you, Sir.
Pradnya Raut
SQA, Atos India
The course offerings were thoughtfully organized to accommodate various skill levels, taking into account both time and financial considerations. The training approach is tailored to individual backgrounds, whether from IT or non-IT fields, addressing diverse requirements. Additionally, there is flexibility in scheduling sessions to align with convenience and availability. The institute also provides practical exposure to testing diverse applications, if required. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking to initiate their career journey as a novice or enhance their expertise in automation and different tools.
Priya Upadhyay
Software Tester, Netherlands
Top-notch institute! Younus Poonawala stands out as a highly supportive and skilled trainer. He adeptly addresses our inquiries, offering explanations through practical test scenarios.
Nayana Walke
QA, JP Morgan Chase

Answering your common questions

We are sure you will have questions before joining at Nalasopara. Let us try and answer some questions that you might have. If you have more questions, we are just a call away.


Our classes are held on both weekdays as well as weekends at convenient hours to make ourselves accessible to students and working professionals alike. Each session is 1.5 hours to 2 hours long during weekdays and 3 hours long during weekends.

We provide ample amount of interview questions. Our instructors make sure that you have industry level knowledge. We also conduct QnA sessions where the students can clear the doubts regarding the myths of the interview. 


At edu-art thane, we accept payment of fees in 2 to 3 installments.


As a part of the edu-art software testing tradition in thane, we offer students hands-on live project training.


With over 14 years of experience, one of our course instructors in Mr. Younus Poonawala .

Our professional instructors do not believe in merely teaching what software testing is all about but imparting knowledge that you can build on to further succeed in this path.


Edu-art teaches Software Testing Course, Automation Testing, Selenium, Jira, Perfomance Testing With Jmeter, ISTQB Foundation Level Preparation with placement opportunity in Thakurli.

Yes, edu-art in Nalasopara offers career counseling and guidance sessions for students after completing the software testing course.

No specific prerequisites or background requirements are necessary to enroll in the software testing course at edu-art institute in Nalasopara.

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