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Why Should You Enroll?

Software Testing is the fastest growing segment of Software Services growing at over 50% every year. This has resulted in increased demand for trained Software Testing professionals. Software Testing professionals are expected to grow to over 250,000 professionals by 2020 from about 75,000-90,000 professionals currently.

Ask yourself, if a stream offers you:

  • No Programming Knowledge/Skill Requirement
  • Average upto Rs. 30,000/-*  Monthly Salary
  • Less than a quarter to be prepared

Why Shouldnt You Be In It???? Read on to know what is at offer.

What will you learn in this software testing training?
  • How Software Testing is carried out in the industry from the scratch
  • Manual Software Testing Training and Automation basics from a professional trainer from your own desk
  • Training beginning from essentials to cutting edge testing procedures
  • Best suitable for beginners to intermediate level users and who learn faster when demonstrated
  • Build on your own a test strategy that works
  • You’d be prepared and ready to take ISTQB certification Foundation level examination

Software Testing and QA Program Syllabus:

All course – 5 Units 

Course: Introduction To The Basics Of Testing

  • Why is Software Testing required in the Industry?
  • What is a Software? What are its Types?
  • Who is a Software Tester, what do they do?
  • Difference between Software testing & QA?
  • Software Testing Principles
  • Fundamental Test Process
Skills You Get: Basics Of Testing

Course: Week Three: Software Development Methodologies

  • What is a project? How is it sourced?
  • Software Development Life Cycle
  • Different Life Cycles used over the years
  • Agile Software Development Methodology
  • Different Testing Levels
  • Understand different Test Types
Skills You Get: Software Development Methodologies

Course: Review Techniques

  • Advantages of Software Review Techniques
  • Different Modes of Reviews
  • Roles played during a Review
  • Fundamental Software Review Process
  • Different Types of Review
  • Static Analysis/Code Reviews
Skills You Get: Techniques

Course: Project/Practical Assessment

  • Documenting Test Process
  • Building Wireframes for a Live Project
  • Documenting Use Cases for a project
  • Performing Static Testing on Requirements
  • Developing Scenarios for an object
  • Market Analysis of Testing Techniques
Skills You Get: Project Assessment

Course: Different Testing Techniques

  • What are Test Cases and How to Document them
  • Importance of documenting Test Cases
  • How to structure and format test cases
  • Requirements Traceability Matrix Development
  • Black Box Test Development techniques
  • White Box Test Development Techniques
Skills You Get: Testing Techniques

Course: Software Test Planning

  • How a test team is built
  • Understanding the Importance of Planning
  • Build a test plan from scratch
  • Learn Test Estimation and Scheduling
  • Understanding test approaches and strategies
  • Introduction to Risk Analysis
Skills You Get: Software Test Planning

Course: Defect Documentation and Tracking

  • Understanding the anatomy of a DEFECT.
  • Importance of documenting defects correctly
  • Writing Crisp and Clear Defect Reports
  • Test Daily Reporting and Summary reporting
  • Defect Lifecycle Implementation
  • Introduction to BugZilla
Skills You Get: Defect Documentation and Tracking

Course: Project Assignment/Implementation

  • Complete testing of a live site
  • Preparation of Test Basis to Test Bed
  • Detailed review of each test artifact
  • Execution of tests on staging/QA environment
  • Defect Reporting / Tracking
  • Re-testing and Regression Testing
Skills You Get: Project Assignment/Implementation

Course: Software Testing Tools Introduction

  • Where we can use tools in testing
  • Types of Tools Used in Software Testing
  • Tools used for Manual Testing
  • Tools used for Automation Testing
  • Performance Testing Tools
  • Security Testing Tools
Skills You Get: Introduction To Software Testing Tools

Course: Practical Demonstration of Tools

  • Project Management – Asana
  • Defect Tracking – Bugzilla
  • Test Management – Test Link
  • Test Automation – Selenium IDE
  • Performance Testing – JMEter
  • Security Testing – Firefox Tools/Add-Ons
Skills You Get: Practical Demonstration of Tools

Selenium Course Agenda

All course – 5 Units 

Section 1 : Basic java

  • Data Types and Variables
  • Operators
  • Decision Making
  • Arrays
  • Loops
  • Classes and Objects
  • Class Constructors
Skills You Get: Basics Of Java

Section 2: Advance Java (OOPS Concept)

  • Modifiers – Access Modifiers
  • Modifiers – Non Access Modifiers
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Interface
Skills You Get: Advance Java

Section 1: Selenium Introduction

  • Selenium History, Selenium IDE introduction in detail with real time examples
  • Introduction to latest version of Web driver, Basic Methods
  • Selenium 1.0/2.0/3.0 Webdriver Architecture
Skills You Get: Selenium Introduction

Section 2: Installation & Configuration

  • Java Installation
  • Eclipse Installation & Configuration
  • Configure Eclipse with Web Driver
  • Selenium Jars Download/ Configuration
  • Selenium Project Setting up
Skills You Get: Installation & Configuration

Section 3: Basic Concepts for First Web driver Program

  • Introduction to Web driver Interface
  • Concept of Browser Drivers
  • Basic Methods of Web driver
  • Introduction to Gecko Driver
  • Running Tests in Google Chrome
  • Running Tests in Internet Explorer
Skills You Get: Basic Concepts for First Web driver Program

Section 4: Locator Techniques & Tools Used

  • Installing Firebug & Fire path (Firefox Add-On)
  • Locator Technique1 (Xpath, ID, Tagname)
  • Locator Technique2 (Classname, Name, Linktext)
Skills You Get: Locator Techniques & Tools Used

Section 5: Advanced Ways: Locating Objects

  • Writing Customized Xpath
  • CSS Selector Locators
  • Tricks & Tips in Identifying Web Objects
Skills You Get: Locating Objects

Section 6: Techniques to Automate Web UI

  • Handling Dropdowns, with real time examples
  • Handling Java Alerts, Pop-ups, with real time examples
  • Handling Radio Buttons, with real time examples
Skills You Get: Techniques to Automate Web UI

Section 7: Techniques to Automated Advanced Web UI

  • Handling Ajax/ Mouse Interactions, Actions Class real time examples
  • Handling Multiple Windows
  • Handling Frames
  • Frame Identification Technique real time examples
Skills You Get: Techniques to Automated Advanced Web UI

Section 8: Selenium Advance

  • Synchronization Problem- Implicit Wait, Explicit Wait in detail
  • Maximizing Window, Deleting Cookies
  • Killing the process and Cookies using selenium
  • Handling HTTPs Certifications in Selenium
  • Capturing Screenshots in Selenium
Skills You Get: Selenium Advance

Section 9: TestNG Framework

  • Introduction
  • Install TestNG
  • First Test Case with TestNG
  • TestNG Test Suite
  • Annotations, Groups & DependOn
  • Test Cases Prioritizing & Sequencing
  • TestNG Reporters & Asserts
  • TestNG Parameters & Data Provider
  • TestNG DataProvider with Array
  • XML in TestNG
  • Running Multiple tests using XML
  • 58. TestNG Listeners
Skills You Get: TestNG Framework

Section 10: Integration of Selenium with other Tools (Maven, Jenkin)

  • Integrate Selenium with Maven
  • Installation & configuration of Maven
  • Selenium Dependencies
  • Integrate Selenium with Jenkins
  • Installation & configuration of Jenkins
  • Send Email for Build Status
  • Scheduling the Test Cases (introduction to Corn pattern)
  • Integrate Maven with Jenkins
Skills You Get: Integration of Selenium with other Tools

Section 11: AutoIT

  • Introduction to Auto IT & Why Auto IT
  • How to upload files in selenium WebDriver using Auto IT
Skills You Get: AutoIT

You'll get:

What happens after course completion – class room training?

  • You will be offered a live project
  • You have to submit the project as per given schedule
  • The project will be evaluated and certificate shall be issued to you
  • Placement process starts thereafter

Your Trainer

Mr. Younus Poonawala

Founder and Lead Trainer


If you have an eye for detail and believe in a process oriented approach, this training program will suit your tastebuds. You will be trained by the experts on various tips and tricks in how a software is tested and quality assurance is achieved. You may also appear for the International Software Testing an Quality Board (ISTQB) examination.

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I did my Test Pro course with Edu Art. In less than 3 months I understood what testing is. I am from non I.T (Electronics & Telecommunication) background. The faculties are industry experts and always helpful.

They helped me understand each and every concept and also guided me with training and placements. They offer really nice companies to work with.

I am now working for international company and I highly recommend doing software testing training at Edu Art.

Neha Jain

Aug 2021

Answering your common questions

We are sure you will have questions before joining. Let us try and answer some questions that you might have. If you have more questions, we are just a call away.

Our classes are held on both weekdays as well as weekends at convenient hours to make ourselves accessible to students and working professionals alike. Each session is 1.5 hours to 2 hours long during weekdays and 3 hours long during weekends.


We make sure you learn things by doing and not the other way around. We provide you hands-on experience by assigning you not a demo but real-world projects with real implications.


We’ll always bring you up to speed on any lesson or class that you’ve missed or arrived late to. We never compromise on your individual progress. We allocate a parallel software testing class of the lecture you missed or cover it up individually for you


We make tall claims because we live by them! If you, at any point, feel dissatisfied with our service, within 7 days of joining can write to us and we’d refund you for the class.


With over 14 years of experience in testing, our professional instructors do not believe in merely teaching what software testing is all about but imparting knowledge that you can build on to further succeed in this path.

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What our students tell about the software testing training at Edu Art

There are hundreds of software testing training success stories that we are proud of. Each student leaves satisfied.

Top class training provider for software testing. I live in Australia, Canberra and came to India, Mumbai to see family and also to do a software testing ISTQB foundation certification course and hence start calling and looking for a institute on my arrival to Mumbai.. After few phone calls to different institutes and some research online, I called Younus Sir, who took time and explained the benefits of the course and also customised the course schedule to meet my expectation. Easy to understand: Reason for providing top rating for this institute is because of the trainer itself. Younus sir has lots of experience in the field and great at training and explaining each and every concept of software testing in detail with live everyday examples which really helped in understanding the core concepts of software testing. Small class: What I felt was that this institute is not after making money and hence focus is on training small groups of students so that a proper focus is provided to each student which makes the quality of the course very high. Small chunks: Course content is taught in small chunks with strong focus on each concept delivery in each session which is very beneficial for the students to understand each concept in detail and have time to ask questions. VERY INTERRACTIVE! Overall: I was able to complete the course within my expected timeline and I was able to grasp the course content well. I highly recommend EDU Art Software Testing Institute if anyone is not looking for a flashy institute but genuinely wants to learn about the software testing and progress their career in software testing industry. ALL THE BEST to all.
Danish Bukhari
Software Testing Analyst, Canberra, Australia
Younus sir's teaching method is very attractive and understandable , teaching format is easy so you can understand each topic fast and get high knowledge on that topic , because of this institute and younus sir i got confidence on software testing , thank you sir
Pradnya Raut
SQA, Atos India
The courses offered were structured keeping in mind the different level of skills one would need to opt depending upon both time and money. The training provided is by totally considering the background of the individual whether from IT or non IT background and caters to different needs. Also, offers flexibility in scheduling sessions as per convenience and availability. It also provides hands on experience with testing various applications if needed. Would surely recommend incase anybody needs to kick start their career in terms of being a beginner or the ones who need to upgrade their skills with respect to automation or different tools.
Priya Upadhyay
Software Tester, Netherlands
Best institute ...Younus Poonawala has been very supportive & a good trainer . handling our queries.. explaning with practical test scnarious .
Nayana Walke
QA, JP Morgan Chase

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