Terms & Conditions

Payment Policy

  1. At Edu Art, we collect 100% fee upfront in convenient mode of payments like cash, cheque, NEFT or RTGS.
  2. Once you have a confirmed seat for a batch, you must pay your total fees on the day your batch starts. Failure to do so may lead to loss of the seat/batch.
  3. If in case you are eligible for the installment scheme, you need to pay the fee in max 3 installments or 45 days from the batch start date.
  4. Failure to make payments on time may lead to loss of seat/batch.
  5. Study material will be provided once the payment is cleared.

Whatsapp Edu Art Batch Group Policy

  1. Your personalized batch group will be created to manage your class related discussions.

Some rules to keep the batch group free from NOISE:

Its Simple!

  1. No Good Morning/Good Night Messages
  2. No Diwali/Eid/Christmas or any Greetings
  3. Only QA queries, Job related and class timing related discussions
  4. Upon the course completion, this group will be deleted and you will be a part of the main Edu Art Jobs Group

Whatsapp Edu Art Jobs Group Policy

Upon your course completion, you are added to a

  1. No Good Morning/Good Night Messages
  2. No Diwali/Eid/Christmas or any Greetings
  3. Only QA queries, Job related and class timing related discussions

Absenteeism Policy

At Edu Art we take your learning very seriously. Every class has significant content explained. Missing a class needs to have a serious reason and don’t worry, we understand.

  1. In case of absenteeism, you need to personally inform us one day prior to qualify for a recovery class.
  2. The minimum quorum of a class needs to be 60% or above to conduct a class. In case if this is not met, the entire class will be cancelled and postponed to the next session.
  3. If you miss a class due to confirmed absenteeism, it will be covered for you in the consecutive batch or if some other batch is running in parallel.
  4. In case if there are no batches in parallel, the situation will be reviewed and taken care of.

We assure that, you will never miss a lecture.

Sabbatical Policy

  1. If for any reason, you are unable to attend class for 2 weeks (Sabbatical) or more, you need to intimate us.
  2. Once you have missed multiple classes, your missed sessions will be covered in the consecutive batch.
  3. You need to check batch dates with us.
  4. In case your sabbatical exceeds 3 months, your admission will be voided.

ISTQB Examination Process

  1. Once you are done with the Fundamentals of Testing Training, you are eligible for the examination
  2. You should read the study material book provided, twice.
  3. After the first reading, complete the question paper at the end of the book and record your score.
  4. Read the book again and check improvements on score.
  5. Once done, contact us with your score to get the prelim test link.
  6. Record your score and share with us for exam readiness
  7. You need to register for exam at least 2 days in advance.
  8. You need to pay the exam fee at the time of exam registration.
  9. Your exam timing will be shared with you one day prior to the exam.

Refund Policy

Advance Payment Refund

  1. Advance paid is 100% refunded only if the batch is overall cancelled by Edu Art.

Fee Refund

  1. All our courses are totally non-refundable. Kindly make up your mind and ask all questions before making any payment. Thank you.

Folder Location

Keeping a track of your progress and track of project Project allocation and assignment list is provided on the go. Any assignment


Receipt will be sent on your email within 24-48 hours of payment acknowledgment.

Payment Reminder/Fees

We will send you reminders for any pending payments via email or direct communication. Please ensure your fees are paid on time to avoid disruption of your learning experience.

Request for Review on Google

After completion of your course or during, if you find our services helpful, we would appreciate a review on Google. This helps us improve and grow our community.

Resume Preparation

We provide guidance and support in preparing your resume. Special sessions are arranged for enhancing resume according to industry standards.

Interview Preparation

We offer interview preparation sessions including mock interviews with professionals to prepare you for the real challenge.

Folder for Reference content/Study Material

Resume Sample: Examples of well-crafted resumes. QnA: Collection of frequently asked questions and answers in interviews. Interview Questions: A list of potential interview questions for various roles. Test Documents: Includes Use cases/ Requirements, Test Cases, Test Plans, Test Scenarios, and Case Studies.

Demo Class Policy

Edu Art offers a demo class for new students to get a feel of the learning environment and teaching style. Please attend the scheduled demo class to understand if the course aligns with your expectations.

Dissatisfaction Policy

If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your learning, please bring it to our notice immediately. We commit to addressing and resolving all concerns to ensure a positive learning experience.

Internship Policy

Post completion of certain courses, eligible students may apply for internships. Edu Art assists in securing internships but does not guarantee placement as it is subject to performance and availability.

Certificate Policy

Upon successful completion of your course, a certificate will be issued. Ensure all your assignments and tests are completed to qualify for the certificate. The certificate will be sent to your registered email or handed over in person, depending on the course and arrangement.

Folder Location for Tracking Progress

A dedicated folder will be assigned to you where all your progress, assignments, and project details can be tracked. Project allocation and assignment lists will be updated regularly. Ensure to keep track and complete assignments on time.