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Is Software Testing as a Career right for me?

Is Software Testing as a Career right for me?


Software testers are a critical member of any development team, and arguably the most important teammate to have on the project. A career in software testing is a lot like being a spy. You’re working undercover to investigate and find defects. Sounds fun, right? But, before you make the leap, there are aspects about this career option that you need to know. Software testers are responsible for looking for bugs in these software applications, finding ways to improve the application’s quality and work with others on the team. You will be required to think outside the box, find bugs that no one else could find as well as scrutinize codes to ensure that it is bug-free and then submit a bug report which would be reviewed by peers. It may not be as straightforward as you might think but in this article we’ll explore three essential questions that you need to ask yourself before deciding whether or not to pursue this career.

What defines the success of a tester?

A successful tester is one that has a good work ethic, does their job well, and has strong problem solving skills, and thinks logically. They should also be kind, open-minded, and be able to withstand long working hours.

How Much Money Can I Make As A Software Tester?

As a software tester, you can make an average salary of $56,500. This is a profession where you have the opportunity to work with different projects, which will vary your responsibilities and also pay rate. Software testers can also be freelancers who charge by the hour or day.

How to Become a tester?

Software testers are integral to the software development process. They ensure that a program meets the needs of all its users and meets the standards set by the company creating it. Testers are also responsible for making sure that programs run properly on a variety of different computers and operating systems. The ideal candidate should be detail oriented, creative, comfortable with technology, and have good communication skills.

Types of testing jobs

Software testing is an occupation in which testers check the quality of software, either before the product is released to clients or after it has been shipped. Software testing jobs usually involve testing all types of software, such as desktop, server, and mobile apps. Types of jobs available include manual testers who manually test software by following a set of specifications and automated testing jobs that use computer programs to automatically test software.

Career paths in Software Testing

Software Testing is a profession that handles the process of finding defects in software. You take a quality assurance position, which requires you to find bugs or errors in software and give feedback on the changes that need to be made in order to fix them. Software testers are responsible for identifying how their product will perform before release and they execute test plans to ensure that the system meets requirements.

Some things to keep in mind if you’ve chosen software testing as a career

Software testing is a varied and challenging profession. It’s important to understand the different types of software testing jobs, and what qualifications you will need in order to succeed in the field. It’s also important to consider what is most appealing about the profession. If you’re interested in performing a wide variety of tasks every day and enjoy solving complex problems, then software testing may be a good career choice for you.


At the end of the end of the day, software testing as a career is a great choice. At first, there is hard work required and with experience doing it is an enjoyable process.Although there are some aspects that take more time to learn, the hard work pays off with a rewarding job.