Learn Software Testing with 10 Books

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Learn Software Testing with 10 Books


The world of software testing is evolving and growing as a field. To keep up with the demand, new skills are being developed to increase your value in the industry, but also to keep you safe from malware and viruses. Thats why, Software testing is an in-demand job skill that pays well and comes with a lot of opportunities for work. There are many good books written by expert authors on Software Testing, both manual and automation testing. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know to navigate different types of testing, along with the best books available for software testing that range from beginner instruction on how to set up a test environment, all the way up to advanced topics like bug reporting and automation.

What is Software Testing?

Software testing is the process of executing and examining computer programs, in order to ensure they conform to required quality standards. It is typically used by software developers to evaluate the quality of computer code, and by hardware builders to assess the quality of hardware being produced.

Introduction to Manual Software Testing

Software testing is a procedure to determine if software performs as expected. Manual software testing involves evaluating the program by performing tasks such as: executing test cases, using data, observing system behavior and noting any problems. Automated software testing is the process of executing automated tests on an application by using a scripting language or tool and specifying expected results. Before starting an automated software testing project, it is important to define the scope of the testing and plan the best way to test an application. This can be done using a waterfall model or agile methodology – which one is better depends on the size of project and team working on it. After that you should choose scripting language for automating tests. Which language should be chosen depends on the platform you are going to test – if there is no need to support older browsers or you do not want to

Introduction to Automation Software Testing

You will learn how to use the tools and frameworks that can help you automate the testing of your code modules.

You will also be able to identify bugs in your software.

10 Books on Software Testing Beginners

The Art of Software Testing, by Glenford J. Myers , is a classic on the topic. This book to be an excellent introduction to the field of software testing, and it provides some great guidelines in defining both quality goals and test approaches. 

Exploratory Software Testing, by James A. Whittaker and Jennifer M. Glover , is a great introductory book on exploratory software testing. It covers the five primary methods of exploratory software testing, namely: direct observation, brainstorming, free writing, specification and design review, and re-factoring. The authors also provide some great examples of how to apply these techniques in practice.

Software Test Design: Strategies for Test Case Design Using TMap and TMap-lite , by Mike Cohn , is a book written specifically on test case design, mostly using the TMap methodology. The book also introduces two new strategies for test design, namely the SaaS approach and the application of risk-based testing. The book also includes a short chapter on requirements-based test design.

10 Books on Software Testing Advanced

One of the 10 books on software testing is “The Art of Software Testing” by Glenford Myers. In this book, you’ll find a list of heuristics that can be used to improve your testing. It also covers topics like exploratory testing and how to deal with threats to test validity.

Agile Development Book: The Complete Software Developer’s Career Guide: How To Launch Your Career as a Software Developer While Working at Home on Your Own Schedule. One of the best books on software development is “The Complete Software Developer’s Career Guide.” This book is great for people getting started in software development, as well as those who have been doing it awhile. The book covers topics like what kind of software developers there are, how to prepare yourself to become a developer and how to find a job as a developer.

“How to Kick-Start Your Software Development Career” from Silicon Press. In this book, you’ll learn about the roles of different kinds of software developers , how to find a job as a developer and how to go about getting started in software development. It also offers advice on how to build your career as a developer, and includes interviews with 15 different developers.

The “Software Development Jobs” book from Silicon Press offers helpful information for people who are looking to get into jobs that require programming skills or technical skills in general. The book provides information on what kind of jobs exist in the tech industry and how you can improve your chances of landing one of them.


There are a lot of books to choose from, but this list will be a great starting point. Look for other test books on the web as well. We hope you find this list of books helpful in learning software testing.