You are currently viewing Top 7 Reasons Why Software Testing Training in India is a good idea

Top 7 Reasons Why Software Testing Training in India is a good idea

Top 7 Reasons Why Software Testing Training in India is a good idea


Online software testing courses are gaining popularity among IT aspirants, as they allow students to study the subject at their own pace and convenience. However, some aspirants say that choosing such a course is not enough. The training needs to be supplemented with a study of industry practices by taking up a course in Software Testing in India. Good software testing is crucial to the success of any company and is not a task you want to leave up to an amateur. But as with any discipline, there are so many terms scattered around it can be difficult for newcomers to get their bearings and find their way through. One of the most common misconceptions about software testing is that it is an easy job for anyone, with minimal qualifications and experience. his is not true, as there are many aspects of software testing which make it a lot more complicated than what it seems at first. The best way to start learning this is through online courses at reputed educational institutes.

Software Testing: The Forgotten Piece of the Puzzle

Sometimes testing is overlooked when it comes to the software development process. Testing is a crucial step in the process though. It can identify bugs that developers may have missed and make sure that the functions of the software work as they were intended to. Software testing can be done by many different people, but it’s important that people know what they’re doing before they put their stamp on it.

  • Why India for Software Testing Training?

The Indian economy is growing rapidly and has great opportunities for those who want to enter an emerging market. Plus, there are many exciting cultural sites available for tourists and locals alike. With this booming economy comes more innovation, thus more opportunities for those who want to learn more about software testing.

  • Why is Software Testing Classes in India a good Idea?

Software testing classes in India is a good idea because the courses are suitable for beginners. There is a live instructor who teaches the course and covers all the topics in detail. The syllabus includes tools which you can use to practice software testing.

Moreover, there are many options available for enrolling in these courses, such as daytime courses, evening courses and weekend courses.

In addition to this, there are flexible payment options such as online payment and monthly installments.

The benefits of certification in India

Software Testing is a specialized skill that can be learned and attained through training. One of the benefits of software testing certification in India is that it is a recognized, internationally-recognized certificate. The course also includes practical exercises and hands-on experience. Many employers will require this certificate before hiring someone. Quality engineers are the predominant professionals who perform audits by reviewing applications, programs, and/or computer systems for software defects. They ensure that the software is functioning properly and does not contain any errors or bugs before it is released to the public. The person conducting this type of audit is known as the quality assurance (QA) engineer. And their demand is growing rapidly.

5 Reasons to Pursue a Software Testing Course

Software Testers are a vital part of the software development process. They ensure that everything is working properly and that there are no bugs in the system. Software testing is an integral part of any successful software business and training is affordable, effective, and accessible in India.

There are five reasons to pursue a Software Testing course: 

1) Testing gives you a great salary ~4L per Year

2) It can be done remotely or from home; 

3) Certification doesn’t cost much (and it’s voluntary): Lower barrier to enter the field

4) There’s a large need for testers in the field

5) You have access to some of the best talent in India such as Infosys, TCS, Wipro, Accenture, Capgemini and more

Advantages of Indian IT Sector

The Indian IT sector is highly competitive and offers students a number of advantages. India is home to the second largest population in the world, making it an excellent place to recruit talent. IT training programs are also subsidized by the government, making them more affordable. As a result, companies can hire talented people at a lower rate and save on expenses.

Also this has to be taken into consideration that, India is the world’s second largest software producer in the world. The Indian IT sector has a worth of $146 billion and employs 3.5 million individuals. It is growing by 12% annually, which will result in close to 4 million jobs by 2020. As of now, India has about 700 universities that offer degrees in information technology and engineering fields. This gives graduates numerous employment opportunities in this field throughout India and abroad. Also, the cost of training and education is low in India compared to other countries.

Disadvantages of the Indian IT Sector

Some people argue that there are more disadvantages to the industry than advantages. Specifically, they claim that companies have laid off thousands of employees in recent years because of the economic downturn. Moreover, outsourcing has reduced employment opportunities for qualified people in various fields, such as finance and accounting. Also, many people say that outsourcing causes job losses for American citizens because it reduces the need


There are many benefits to enrolling in a software testing training in India. You will be able to learn from experienced instructors who have years of experience working with the software development process. There is also a very high quality curriculum that is updated and reviewed regularly for the latest trends in technology. The cost of this program is also far less than it is in western countries, and you will have access to excellent job opportunities at some of the best companies in the world when you graduate.