Software Testing ft. Game of Thrones

2017 as a year witnessed the 7th season of Game of Thrones.

With Daenerys teaming up with Jon Snow against the army of the dead we all hope and pray the next season of Game of Thrones is released at the earliest.

To add a bit of fun to our testing lives, I have rephrased some super famous quotes of Game of Thrones into testing.

Lets see how many of you can get the original dialogues (of course without googling it). Put them in the comments. The game begins now.

Ned Stark on Re Testing
The man who reports the bug should perform its retesting.
Cersei Lannister Quotes on Software Testing
The more bugs you find the weaker your testing build is
Tywin Lannister Quotes on Software Testing
Any tester who must say there are no bugs is no tester
Little Finger Quotes on Software Testing
Testing isnt a pit. Testing is a ladder.
Ramsay Bolton Quotes on Software Testing
If you think testing has a happy ending, you havent been paying attention
Arya Stark Quotes on Software Testing
What do you do when your coverage is not achieved and you are supposed to release, NOT TODAY!


Tywin Lannister Quotes on Software Testing
A tester does not concern himself with the opinion of a developer
Tyrion Lannister quotes on software testing
Its hard to put a leash on a tester once youve put a build on their head
Melisandre quotes on Software testing
The build is dark and full of errors


And finally, this one is out for all you testers!!


Jon Snow quotes on software Testing
You know nothing tester! Assume nothing, test everything.